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How to Create a Stellar Curb Appeal

If you’re a movie buff then you already know we’re in the middle of movie award season. In January alone the season really kicks off with the Golden Globe Awards as well as the opening of the Academy Award voting. In February, the DGA, Annie and BAFTA Awards are also on the docket and producers, actors and directors all lobby in some fashion to get noticed and be eligible for an award from their peers.

If you’re a homeowner and you want your home to win an award, or at least look like it deserves one, you need to first concentrate on curb appeal. When a potential buyer stops in front of your house, does it invite them in for a further look? Here are a few tips to create a winning curb appeal.

Clean up. The very first thing you must do is clean. That’s right, cleaning. Clear your lawn from leaves, sticks and debris. Mow the lawn and add a crisp edge. Trim the hedges as well. Have your driveway, sidewalks and porch pressure-washed.

Fresh paint. If your exterior paint job is showing signs of wear, then a new coat of paint all around the house is in order. However, if your paint is in good shape then painting the front door, trim or shutters will make an immediate and cost-effective DIY improvement that will pay off.

New mailbox? Another cost-effective way to upgrade your curb appeal is to upgrade your mailbox. Head to the home improvement store and pick out a new, attractive metal mailbox. If you need a new pole, you can grab one there as well.

What’s your number? You know your street address better than anybody. But others don’t. Have you ever driven down a road looking for a particular street address and can’t find it? Don’t let your house number be nothing more than a footnote on your curb. Instead, invest in some new house numbers and clearly display them on your home.

Lighting.  Potential buyers don’t always shop during the day. In fact, they just might start out some evening and not wait for the weekend or even drive by your home on the way back from work. Think about installing sidewalk lighting leading up to your home and replace those old exterior porch lights. You’ll be amazed at the difference just a bit of lighting can make.